Vinci Technologies

Vinci Technologies manufacture and provide a broad range of laboratory equipment and specific field instrumentation. A portion of them is developed with close collaboration with the well known research institute IFP Energies Nouvelles. In 2008, Vinci Technologies has addressed a new market by taking over the assets of MECA 2000, a french leader of the Ultra High Vacuum technology. Vinci Technologies 홈페이지 Categories [...]


Spectrum LABS

SPECTRUM LABS Repligen is a bioprocessing-focused life sciences company bringing over 35 years of expertise and innovation to our customers. We are inspiring advances in bioprocessing through the development and commercialization of high-value products and flexible solutions that address critical steps in the production of biologic drugs, principally monoclonal antibodies. Spectrum LABS 홈페이지 KR2i TFF System® Tangential Flow Filtration System with Automated Process Controls and Data Collection Software for R&D Scale Bioprocessing The new, second generation KR2i TFF System [KrosFlo® Research 2i Tangential Flow Filtration System] is ideal for precise and [...]


Pall Biotech

PALL Biotech Pall Corporation is world's largest and most diverse filtration, separations and purifications company. Our technical expertise, product portfolio and global reach are unmatched. This diversity is a strength that enables Pall to leverage opportunities across industries and geographies Cell Culture iCELLis® Bioreactor Xpansion® Multiplate Bioreactor System SoloHill® Microcarriers - Animal Protein Coated SoloHill® Microcarriers – Animal Product Free Single Use Connectors Kleenpak® Presto Sterile Connector [...]


BT Lab

Bioassay Technology Laboratory (BT Lab) is a brand of Shanghai Korain Biotech,. Co Ltd specialized in lab supplies of ELISA kit, antibodies,protein for life science research. To meet every single need of the customer we aim to provide high quality at best price and service with our professional staff. Over the past eight years we focus on improvement and update of our system and service. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to let us know. BT Lab [...]


ES Industries

ES Industries offers the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) chromatographers an important source for high performance bonded phases and packing materials. The Epic, GreenSep, ChromegaChiral, Chromegabond® and commercial equivalent materials produced at our New Jersey, USA facility represent the state-of-the-art in bonding technology. ES Industries is a recognized manufacturer of high quality HPLC columns producing highly efficient columns with superior reproducibility. These high quality columns are the product of well-characterized and tightly controlled manufacturing procedures which are constantly under the scrutiny of the most stringent quality control program in the industry. [...]



Repligen Our mission is to inspire advances in bioprocessing as a trusted partner in the production of biologic drugs that improve human health worldwide. Focused on cost and process efficiencies, we deliver innovative technologies and solutions that help set new standards in bioprocessing. C Technologies Solo VPE Flow VPE 가장 정확하고 빠른 Solution



Nanopartz Nanopartz™ is recognized as both an innovator and a quality supplier of gold nanoparticle based products including Accurate™ Spherical Gold Nanoparticles, Nanorodz™ brand Gold Nanorods, Micron sized Gold (Microgold™), Gold Nanowires, Ramanprobes™ and Plasmonic Fluorophores™. Nanopartz offers value added services including functionalized gold nanoparticles, oligo and dna functionalized gold nanoparticles, platinum and palladium coated gold nanoparticles, as well as gold nanoparticles for in vivo imaging, drug delivery, and cell uptake. In general, Nanopartz is your one stop source for gold colloidal nanoparticles and gold nanomaterials. Gold Nanoparticles [...]

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