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Project Description

Vinci Technologies manufacture and provide a broad range of laboratory equipment and specific field instrumentation. A portion of them is developed with close collaboration with the well known research institute IFP Energies Nouvelles. In 2008, Vinci Technologies has addressed a new market by taking over the assets of MECA 2000, a french leader of the Ultra High Vacuum technology.


Geology : Rock Eval analyzer, Kerogenatron, Vacuumoven, Saw polishing machine, Grinding machine

Core preparation : Saw, Grinder, Core mounting system, Extractor oven, Saturator scope

Routine core anlysis : Helium porosimeter, Mercury porometer, Bulk volume meter, Permeameter, Capillary pressure, Digital core photography system, Gamma ray logger

Special core analysis : X-ray scanner, NMR careflood, Refrigerated centrifuge, Amott cell, Core holder, Video separator, Gas flow control system, Accumulator

Reservoir stimulation : Formation evaluation system, Matrix acidizing tester, Brine crystallization tester

Unconverntional reservoirs : Rack eval analyzer, Gas shale nano-darcy prermeater, Gas adsorption isotherm, Gas description

Reservoir geomechanics

Flow assurance

Enhanced oil recovery : EOR systems

Fluid sampling


Pumps : Injection pump, Manual pump, Recurculation Pump

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